You have worked so hard on your message and your manuscript and the importance of editing cannot be overstated! Your message will be quickly diluted if the copy does not flow well, or if your readers are distracted by spelling or grammatical errors.  Take advantage of Timothy Publishing’ superb editorial services to enhance your self-publishing success! Some of our services include:

Manuscript Evaluation: 

Based on our experience in editing and publishing, let our editors give you honest feedback and recommend the level of editorial services we believe your manuscript needs to maximize your publishing success. You will receive a comprehensive report and a 4-5 page sample edit.


Let our accomplished proofreaders correct spelling and grammatical errors.


In addition to correcting spelling and grammar errors, let our copy editors review  scripture reference and verse accuracy, capitalization, numbers (whether spelled out or digits), punctuation, clarity for the reader, use of italics, treatment of quoted material, hyphenation of compound words and phrases, as well as verify consistency throughout the manuscript. Our copyediting services are based on the rules of the Chicago Manual of Style.

Content Editing:  

Look to our content editors to help your readers better understand what you are saying and better attract their attention throughout your book. This may require rearranging paragraphs or sentences; reworking chapter titles; reordering chapters; adding or deleting some of your words to make your thoughts clearer; adding transitional words or phrases; or deleting repetitive words.

Complete Writing Services: This comprehensive manuscript development is quoted on an individual basis.

Call on Timothy Publishing’ complete writing services when you need to complete your manuscript or if you have a great idea but are not sure how to proceed! Our writers will take your author text, notes, outlines, and/or transcriptions to completion; or, organize and write your manuscript so that it is ready to publish.

Back Cover Proofread: 

Allow our cover proofreader to correct the copy you provide including any spelling and design errors, minor punctuation (oversights such as missing periods or quotation mark), and inappropriate end-of-line breaks. Proofreaders do not determine accuracy of Scripture references and verses.

Contact Timothy Publishing for any Editorial Service you need.


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