Why should I self-publish through Timothy Publishing?

In addition to having the technology and expertise to take your book to the next level, we are genuinely interested in your success and are happy to work with you to ensure that your message is delivered in the highest possible quality.

What partnerships does Timothy Publishing have?

Timothy Publishing partners with the key industry players including Ingram for printing and distribution as well as key digital providers such as Amazon.com, Google Books, and Barnes & Noble.

What kinds of books do you publish?

Timothy Publishing is proud to publish a range of book genres. We are well known for helping authors self-publish inspirational books, but we also help authors self-publish children’s books, cook books, fiction and more.

What is Publishing On Demand (POD)?

Publishing On Demand (POD) technology has allowed authors to self-publish in numbers unheard of in the past. Just like it sounds, a POD book is not printed until it is ordered. The process is practically instant and negates the need for authors to buy and publish quantities of books and then have to hold and manage inventory.

Where can someone buy my book once it is published?

We will assist in getting your book in the hands of readers by making it available in up to 70,000 bookstores worldwide, through all major online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

How high is the quality of your printing?

Timothy Publishing is dedicated to maintaining the highest quality in printing. From the paper we choose to the printing process itself, your book will be published in high, library quality printing so you can be proud of your printed work!

How long does it take to get published?

It generally takes 90 days for your book to be published. It may be longer, or it may be shorter, depending on your situation.

How are royalties paid?

Timothy Publishing returns more royalties to its authors than traditional publishing. In fact, Timothy Publishing author royalties are 50% of profits after costs on books ordered through stores and online. Naturally, you will receive 100% of profits after costs on books you sell directly.

Do I keep the rights to my work?

Yes! You maintain all copyrights on your work. For example, if your work is translated into another language or made into a movie, you own it!

Do I need an ISBN?

Yes, your book will need an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) in order to be sold through book sellers at book stores, or online. In most cases, Timothy Publishing will secure the ISBN for our authors work and this service is included in each of our packages.

Are there additional out of pocket costs to self-publish my book?

We offer a range of editorial, production and marketing services that you may want to purchase, and you will always approve any of these entirely optional fees before those services are rendered. In addition, your book will be priced to cover all costs and yield a profit, so you will not have to pay any out of pocket printing/distribution fees.

Can you translate my book?

Absolutely!  We would be happy to help you promote your book to new markets including those requiring language translations. A common translation is from English to Spanish.



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