Self-publishing with Timothy Publishing brings a lot of great advantages:

  1. Speed – Working with traditional publishing companies often means waiting long periods of time for manuscripts to be reviewed with no assurance that the manuscript will be accepted.  Self-publishing allows authors to distribute their work quickly and effectively.  This is especially useful for time-sensitive messages.
  2. Control – You decide what content is produced and how it is marketed.  If you want to translate your book into another language or sell the film rights, you can!
  3. Royalties – In self-publishing, you gain a significantly higher return on the investment you put into your book.  Reap the benefits of your own success!
  4. Distribution – You can print only the number of copies that you need with Print on Demand (POD).  Additionally, you can create e-books that are easy to sell and deliver.  Both of these options reduce the need for large print orders and inventory storage.
  5. Help – In self-publishing, you pick the team of professionals you need to improve your product.  Here at Timothy Publishing, we can help you find the people you need.  Use our expertise to turn your manuscript into the book you always wanted.  We have editors, cover artists, author coaches, and marketers ready to help you craft your book into a professional product.

Let Timothy Publishing deliver the tools you need to become a self published author! Contact us today!


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