Self-publishing is an alternative to the traditional publishing process that provides greater access, control, and profitability to authors.  Until recently, entering the book market required successfully pitching the manuscript to a publisher who could dictate a lot about a book.  They determined what content authors included, what percentage of the royalties could be made, and what marketing tools would be available to the author.

Technology is allowing self-publishing to drastically change this model.  The rise of e-readers and Print on Demand (POD) technology makes it easier than ever to reach both conventional readers and specific niche markets abandoned by traditional publishing.  POD allows authors to print single copies of a book as it purchased, eliminating the need for extremely large printing orders, inventory storage, and complicated distribution.  A reader orders a book, it is printed and then delivered.  Simple and effective.  E-versions of books are even easier to sell and distribute.  Once the e-book has been uploaded to online retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, readers can purchase and immediately download a copy of your book.  No wait, no printing, no shipping costs.

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